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How Leaders Influence A Positive Work Culture

A workshop Dedicated to Improving Your Company Culture

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FREE Copy of When Bosses Go Wild with registration

Register now and get a FREE book with your registration. When Bosses Go Wild will help you understand the complex dynamic between bosses and employees, allowing you to apply practical tips in your day-to-day communication.

Strategies to improve employee morale
Time-tested techniques for employees and bosses to peacefully co-exist
Tips to keep employee motivated
Recommendations on how to handle your boss
Real-life & relevant examples and case studies

Meet your instructor:

Eddie Loussararian is the author of two inspirational/personal development books: 64 Life Hacks For Success and When Bosses Go Wild. Eddie is a recognized expert at developing and implementing highly effective training programs, including his former employer’s University program, which was ranked in the top 50 worldwide for three consecutive years by Training magazine.


Become More Emotionally Intelligent

Live class - Learn from one of our experienced and professional instructors via Zoom.

Improve Leadership Skills - Learn techniques to become more influential in the organization.

What is your company culture like? - Discuss the traits that make up the culture of your company and how leadership has a big influence.

Relevant Content - Easy to understand material that applies to any work environment and helps all types of leaders align with company values/mission.

The 3 Pillars of Company Culture - Learn the three areas to focus on if you want to improve the work environment.

Ask Questions - Share your thoughts or ask questions to our professional instructor.

What's Included With Your Registration

Access to Attend our 1-hour webinar with a live professional instructor who will guide you through ways to improve the way you manage staff
Interact with an experienced professional instructor and ask questions relevant to you as you learn techniques to improve the way you lead your staff
Exclusive Access to Webinar Recording (for 60 days) - your registration includes access to the video recording for you to review
*FREE BONUS* Copy of the book When Bosses Go Wild
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 New Webinar 

How Leaders Influence A Positive Work Culture

Live Webinar

Only $89.99*

*FREE Copy Of When Bosses go Wild with Registration


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