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Our professional development topics include leadership skills, computer skills, management skills and soft skills to help your employees get to the next level.

Leadership Development Training

Description: Our Leadership Development Training class includes a total of 10 lessons raging from various topics that will help those in leadership roles. The leadership training is intended for any person who is currently in a leadership role or will be placed in a leadership role soon. The leadership topics are universal and apply to both new and seasoned leaders.

Training Length: 10 hours

Facilitation: Online or In-person

Topics Covered:

  • Lesson 1: Leadership Fundamentals
  • Lesson 2: The Role of a Leader
  • Lesson 3: Emotional Intelligence
  • Lesson 4: How Leaders Build Relationships
  • Lesson 5: Examining a Leader's Core Competencies & Values
  • Lesson 6: How Leaders Build a Strong Team
  • Lesson 7: How Leaders Inspire & Motivate Others
  • Lesson 8: How Leaders Coach, Mentor & Delegate
  • Lesson 9: How Leaders Influence a Company's Culture
  • Lesson 10: How Leaders Develop More Leaders

Download our Leadership Development Training Class Outline

Management Skills for Supervisors

Description: Our Management Skills for Supervisors training specializes in helping supervisors improve the way they manage people and themselves. The management training is designed for any person who is currently in a supervisory role or may be in a supervisory role soon. The management topics are universal and apply to both new and seasoned supervisors.

Training Length: 10 hours

Facilitation: Online or In-person

Topics Covered:

  • Lesson 1: The Supervisor Mindset
  • Lesson 2: Learning Different Management Styles
  • Lesson 3: A SIMPLE Strategy to Manage People (part 1)
  • Lesson 4: A SIMPLE Strategy to Manage People (part 2)
  • Lesson 5: Improving Communication Skills
  • Lesson 6: Time Management Skills for Supervisors
  • Lesson 7: Strategies for Employee Engagement
  • Lesson 8: Accountability for Supervisors
  • Lesson 9: Change Management for Supervisors
  • Lesson 10: Managing Difficult Employees

Download our Management Skills for Supervisors Training Outline

Improving Communication Skills in the Workplace

Description: During our Communication Skills training class, our professional instructor will teach attendees best practices to communicate verbally, via email and with an audience. This communication training is designed to help individuals improve the way they communicate with others but to also help organizations be able to better communicate among their employees.

Training Length: 8 hours

Facilitation: Online or In-person

Topics Covered:

  • Lesson 1: Communication barriers & Breakdowns
  • Lesson 2: The Communication fundamentals
  • Lesson 3: Different communication styles
  • Lesson 4: Improving our Listening Skills
  • Lesson 5: Improving our non-verbal communication
  • Lesson 6: Communication strategies for the workplace
  • Lesson 7: Improving the Flow of communication in the workplace
  • Lesson 8: How to improve email communication

Download our Improving Communication in the Workplace Outline

Writing & Conducting Performance Evaluations

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Coaching Skills to Improve Performance

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Hiring & Interviewing Skills for Supervisors

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Essentials of Business Writing

Description: Our Essentials of Business Writing training class is geared towards individuals who want to learn how to improve their writing skills in a professional environment. The business writing training class was designed for the individual who consistently writes memos, emails, proposals and heavily communicates internally and externally in written form.

Training Length: 8 hours

Facilitation: Online or In-person

Topics Covered:

  • Lesson 1: The 4 C’s: Clear, Concise, Complete, and Correct
  • Lesson 2: Manners and Courtesy
  • Lesson 3: Writing Memos & Effective Emails
  • Lesson 4: Reports & Proposals
  • Lesson 5: Writing Business Letters
  • Lesson 6: Readability Index
  • Lesson 7: Proofreading
  • Lesson 8: Reviewing Your Writing

    Download our Essentials of Business Writing Training Outline

    Principles of Excellent Customer Service

    Description: Our Principles of Excellent Customer Service training class is geared towards individuals who interact with customers (or potential) customers daily. Specific learning objectives include: understanding what a customer service approach is; understanding how your own behavior affects the behavior of others; demonstrating confidence and skill as a problem solver; applying techniques to deal with difficult customers; and knowing how to provide excellent customer service.

    Training Length: 8 hours

    Facilitation: Online or In-person

    Topics Covered:

    • Lesson 1: What is Customer Service & Who Are Your Customers?
    • Lesson 2: Expectations & Company Values
    • Lesson 3: Improving Communication Skills
    • Lesson 4: Dealing with Difficult Customers
    • Lesson 5: Dealing with Day-to-Day Challenges & Pressure
    • Lesson 6: Becoming a Problem Solver
    • Lesson 7: Measuring Excellent Customer Service
    • Lesson 8: Reinforcement Techniques

        Download our Principles of Excellent Customer Service Training Outline

        Microsoft Excel Training

        Description: Our Microsoft Excel training classes help get your staff up to speed on data entry in Excel, using tables, customizing spreadsheets, using formulas and more. We have four different Excel trainings depending on their level of knowledge in Excel.

        Training Length: 6-16 hours

        Facilitation: Online or In-person

        Microsoft Excel List of Trainings:

        Microsoft Word Training

        Description: Our Microsoft Word training classes will allow your staff to become better equipped and more efficient when using this powerful Word processor. Depending on the skills of your staff, we offer three types of Microsoft Word training courses.

        Training Length: 6-12 hours

        Facilitation: Online or In-person

        Microsoft Word List of Trainings:

        Microsoft PowerPoint Training

        Description: Our Microsoft PowerPoint training classes are designed to help your staff become better presenters by improving the way they create slide presentations. We have three distinct PowerPoint trainings depending on the PowerPoint skills of your staff.

        Training Length: 6-12 hours

        Facilitation: Online or In-person

        Microsoft PowerPoint List of Trainings:

        Microsoft Outlook

        Coming Soon

        Getting Started with Microsoft 365

        Description: Our Getting Started with Microsoft 365 training class is intended to introduce users to Microsoft 365 and help them get started with basic tasks and functionality. Your staff will become familiar with the apps and services included in a business subscription, file storage with OneDrive, and how to manage users, domains, and security.

        Training Length: 2-6 hours

        Facilitation: Online or In-person

        Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

        Description: Our Getting Started with Microsoft 365 Teams training class is a short two-hour workshop intended to get your staff acquainted with Microsoft Teams while preparing them to use Teams as their main form of digital communicate in the workplace. Our Teams training is taught by a live instructor and is designed for organizations who are planning on implementing Teams with their company and need to train their employees on how to effectively use Teams.

        Training Length: 2-6 hours

        Facilitation: Online or In-person

        Adobe Acrobat Pro

        Description: Our Adobe Acrobat Pro training class includes a total of six lessons and is geared towards individuals who need to learn how to better utilize Adobe Acrobat Pro in a professional setting. Our training is taught by a professional instructor with the goal of helping individuals properly navigate through the software, understand how to convert, export and create PDF files and how to customize text, forms and content in PDF format.

        Training Length: 6-8 hours

        Facilitation: Online or In-person



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