Management Skills for Supervisors: A 5-week Online Training Class

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Develop your management skills in only 5-weeks with our online Management Skills for Supervisors Training Class. The management training class is hosted online with a real, live, professional and experienced trainer. The management training class will meet twice per week for an hour each session via live Zoom sessions. The management training will cover:

Basic management skills for new and seasoned supervisors
How to adapt different management styles
Simple strategies to set expectations with staff
How to provide proper feedback
How lo improve your communication skills
Strategies to improve your time management skills
How to hold your staff accountable
How to handle change management
How to manage difficult employees


Management Skills for Supervisors
(Online with Live Instructor)

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Instructor-led Class (Live)
Live Lectures twice per week 
5-Week Commitment
Class length is 1 hour
10 Total Web-based Sessions
Online sessions via Zoom
Certificate Upon Completion
Exclusive Access to Class Recordings 
Management strategies relevant for all industries
Exclusive Class Hub to Ask Questions & Access Class Materials & Files
[FREE BONUS] Management Skills for Supervisors Training Booklet (PDF Only) included with enrollment

Trusted by companies across various industries

Management Skills for All Types of Supervisors


Recommendation Rate

After students completed our Management Skills training, 85% of them said they would recommend our management training class to others.


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More than 100 students have given us a 5 star rating after completing our online management skills training class with a live instructor.


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Employers keep sending their new and seasoned supervisors to our management skills training class and students keep sending us referrals.


What our proud students and employers have to say

4.6 out of 5 stars

I highly recommend this management training class to any employer who wants their supervisors to reach that next level. Communication, time management, conflict resolution - this training has it all!

Matthew Grundy

Habitat for Humanity

I decided to enroll into this class because I was just promoted to a management position. This class taught me so much about myself and about the person I needed to become.

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Elizabeth Robinson


My favorite part of the training was the simple strategies to manage staff. I've been recommending the class to other business owners and friends as well.

Carlos Perez

Dream Car Wash LLC

I've been a warehouse manager most of my career and I like the way the training is set up. For an online class, it was very engaging and I found the class very valuable.

Sergio Felix

Teknor Apex

My employer enrolled me in this class (not by choice) and I'm glad they are investing in my development as a supervisor. I learned many skills thanks to the instructor.

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Ronald Rodriguez

Solutions Logistics Inc

I've been in my manager role for 3 years and this class has really helped me fill the gaps of what I should have known when I was first promoted. It was one of the best investments I've made.

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Danny Perez

Michael Amini Furniture



Learn from one of our professional instructors by registering to one of our classes.


What We'll Cover in our Online Training Class

Relevant management skills for any industry

Day 1: The Supervisor Mindset

On the first day of class, we'll begin by defining the word management, understanding how people typically transition from producers to supervisors and we'll discuss the power that you have as a "boss".

Day 2: Adapting Different Management Styles

On this day of training, we will discuss four types of management styles and why it's important to adapt each one in your personal style. We'll also discuss the difference between management and leadership.

Day 3: A SIMPLE Strategy to Manage People (Part 1)

On this day of training, you'll be introduced to the SIMPLE strategy to manage employees. We'll begin the class by discussing how to properly set expectations, how to invite commitment and measure the progress of your staff.

Day 4: A SIMPLE Strategy to Manage People (Part 2)

In today's training class, we will conclude the SIMPLE strategy to manage staff. Our main focus on this day is to improve the way we provide feedback, link to consequences and evaluate the effectiveness of our management style.

Day 5: Improving Communication Skills

Get ready to improve the way you communicate with others. On this day, we will discuss tips to improve non-verbal communication, the way we speak to others and how to improve our listening skills.

Day 6: Time Management Skills for Supervisors

How do you prioritize things when everything seems to be a priority? During today's session, you'll learn ways to track and understand how you currently spend your time, tips to prioritize your tasks and ways to decide what to do when you have so many things on your plate.

Day 7: Strategies for Employee Engagement

Although our main topic for the day is employee engagement, much of our discussion during this session will be on looking inwards to truly find out how we currently engage with staff and what we can do to drive engagement.

Day 8: Accountability for Supervisors

How do you hold others accountable? In this session, we will discuss how accountability begins at the top. We'll also reflect on ways to hold others accountable through feedback, results and evaluations.

Day 9: Change Management for Supervisors

During our 9th training session, we will provide tips on how to manage and lead change in your organization. You'll learn about the steps in change management and ways to communicate change to the staff you manage.

Day 10: Managing Difficult Employees

n the last day of our training class, we'll discuss what to do with difficult employees. The topics will be centered around communication, disciplinary action and conflict resolution.


FREE Management Skills for Supervisors Training Booklet (PDF Only)

To help you with your management journey, we are including a FREE E-book with your class registration. The Management Skills for Supervisors Training Booklet is a great resource to use while attending your management skills training class and after the class has concluded. Our E-book includes:

100+ pages all accessible as a PDF file
Documents, samples and templates to use in the workplace
Easy-to-read and easy-to-follow content
A summary of key concepts covered in your management skills training


Meet Your Management Skills Trainer

Allen Aguilar

Founder of Leadership Build, LLC

Allen Aguilar founded Leadership Build in 2013 and has been conducting leadership development training for more than 10 years. His experience teaching and training supervisors, managers, executives and staff members across dozens of industries has helped hundreds of individuals reach their personal and professional goals as leaders. His style is engaging and thought-provoking.

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Management Skills

5-Week Training Class

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this management skills training class taught by a real trainer?

Yes. Our Management Skills for Supervisors Training Class is a 5-week long online class and taught by a real instructor. 

Does the management training use pre-recordings or are the sessions live?

The online management training course is live and does not use pre-recordings. Students meet with a trainer twice per week for an hour each session via Zoom.

How will I know where to log in to join my training class?

After registering for our management online training class, you will receive a Zoom link to use and join the live session.

Do I need to purchase or install Zoom in my computer to participate?

No, you technically do not need to purchase or have Zoom on your computer to take our manager training. All you will need is the link that we provide.

Does the trainer record the online management skills sessions?

Yes. The online supervisor training sessions are recorded so that attendees can have access to the recordings afterwards. This is also helpful in case any of our students miss a session or two.

What happens if I miss one of the sessions? Will I get access to the Zoom recording?

Yes. The supervisor online training sessions are recorded so that attendees can have access to the recordings in case they can't attend one of the class sessions.

Will the training topics be relevant to my line of work?

The management skills we cover are universal so they can be applied to anyone in any industry.

Does this virtual management training class include a Certificate?

Yes. Attendees will earn their management skills certificate upon completing a final exam after the last day of class.

Do I need a camera and/or a microphone for the class?

Although a camera and a microphone are not required to take our management skills training, a camera and a microphone are highly recommended to enhance the class experience.

I am a Mac user and want to take your management skills training class. Can I still take the class?

Yes, as long as you have a browser and internet you should be able to take our management training.

What happens after I register for your online supervisor training class? What can I expect?

Once you register for one of our online supervisor training classes, you will have access to our Welcome video which will provide you with instructions on how to log in to our system to access your class page. Additionally, you will receive an email that provides your username and password, allowing you to log in to our system. Finally, you should expect an email with your receipt and a calendar invitation to add the dates to your personal calendar.

How will I know where to access the management skills training? 

Registrants will receive emails with links to access the live sessions. Additionally, reminders will be emailed prior to the live sessions.

Unfortunately, the dates of your online class do not work for me. When will there be another supervisor training class?

Visit our page frequently for more updates or email us at info@leadershipbuild.com for more information on future online management training.

What is your refund policy?

Registrants may be able to cancel up to 24 hours prior to the first day of class in order to be eligible for a full refund. To request a refund please contact us at support@leadershipbuild.com. Any cancellations that do not meet this requirement will not be eligible for a refund.

How can I register multiple people for your online management skills class?

To purchase registration for multiple people to our online management skills training classes please email us at support@leadershipbuild.com or chat with us live to provide us with your needs.

Do you offer supervisor workshops or classes for companies/employees or groups?

Yes, Leadership Build conducts 2-hour, 4-hour and 6-hour training with companies on various computer skills and soft skills. We can do the training in person or online. To learn more, feel free to complete our Questionnaire.

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