Leadership Development Training Class (Online): Build Your Leadership Skills in 5 Weeks

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Build your leadership skills in only 5-weeks with our online Leadership Development Training Class. The leadership training class is hosted online with a real, live, professional and experienced trainer and includes a FREE copy of When Bosses Go Wild! The leadership training will cover:

Basic leadership skills every leader should know
Emotional intelligence
Core competencies and values of leaders in the workplace
How leaders build strong relationships
How leaders build strong teams
How leaders inspire and motivate others in the workplace
How to coach, mentor and delegate effectively as a leader
How leaders develop more leaders in the workplace


Leadership Development Training Class
(Online with Live Instructor)

Only $349.99

Instructor-led Class (Live)
Live Lectures twice per week 
5-Week Commitment
Each class is 1 hour
10 hours total
Online sessions via Zoom
Certificate Upon Completion
Exclusive Access to Class Recordings 
Leadership content relevant for all industries
Includes Leadership Development e-book
[FREE BOOK] When Bosses Go Wild

Trusted by companies across various industries


FREE Copy of When Bosses Go Wild with registration

To help you with your leadership journey, we are including a FREE book with your class registration. When Bosses Go Wild is a great resource to use while attending your leadership training class and after completing it. The book includes:

Strategies to improve employee morale
Time-tested techniques for employees and bosses to peacefully co-exist
Tips to keep employee motivated
An understanding on why managers treat employees the way they do

Leadership Development For All Walks of Life


Recommendation Rate

After students completed our Leadership Development training, 88% of them said they would recommend our leadership development training class.


Star Rating from Students

More than 150 students have given us a 5 star rating after completing our online leadership development training class with a live instructor.


Satisfied Students

Employers keep sending their future leaders to our leadership development training class and students keep referring our impactful program.


What We'll Cover in our Online Training Class

Commit to sharpening your leadership skills for 5-weeks and learn relevant leadership topics 

Day 1: Leadership Fundamentals

On the first day of class, we'll begin by defining the word leadership, learning about the different styles leaders have, the different stages of leadership and the core characteristics of great leaders.

Day 2: The Role of a Leader

On this day of training, we will move beyond the basics and discuss the impact leaders have among those they lead. We will discuss the difference between leadership and management and how a leader can gain respect from their team.

Day 3: Emotional Intelligence

Why is emotional intelligence a big factor to becoming a great leader? On this day, we will define emotional intelligence, describe the characteristics of emotional intelligence and reflect on our own levels of emotional intelligence.

Day 4: How Leaders Build Relationships

Today's topic will focus exclusively on building relationships. You will learn how to build trust, how trust can be broken and why it's important to have a strong relationship with others in order to lead appropriately.

Day 5: Examining a Leader's Core Competencies & Values

We'll have a very deep discussion on this day of training to share and analyze our personal values, the competencies we look for in our team and how they align with the way we lead and the way our organization operates. Be ready to go on a journey of self-discovery.

Day 6: How Leaders Build A Strong Team

Leaders are responsible for people and on this day we will learn how leaders build strong teams. Our goal is to examine what we are looking for in a team and how we nurture the skills and personalities of each individual.

Day 7: How Leaders Inspire & Motivate Others

How do leaders motivate individuals? Can leaders truly inspire a group of people? We'll explore the various ways to motivate and inspire others, while also examining the things that inspire and motivate us.

Day 8: How Leaders Coach, Mentor & Delegate

Coaching is an on-going responsibility of a leader. In this lesson you will learn why others will view you as a mentor, how you can teach, train and guide those that you lead and how you can begin to delegate work and projects to people.

Day 9: How Leaders Influence A Company's Culture

During our 9th training session, we will put a heavy emphasis on company culture and why this is one of the leader's major responsibilities. The main discussion will revolve around ways to build your desired culture and ways to turn around a toxic one.

Day 10: How Leaders Develop More Leaders

How do you create an organization that produces leaders? You begin with the end in mind. In our last training class, you will learn how to make your organization, department or team into a machine that can produce other leaders.



Learn from one of our professional instructors by registering to one of our classes.

Sep 24 - Oct 24, 2024

Class Times:

1:00pm - 2:00pm PST

3:00pm - 4:00pm CST

4:00pm - 5:00pm EST

Class Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays

Class Type: Online with Live Instructor

Last Day of Enrollment: Mon, Sep 23, 2023

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Meet Your Leadership Development Trainer

Eddie Loussararian

Professor, Author and Speaker

Eddie Loussararian is the author of two inspirational/personal development books: 64 Life Hacks For Success and When Bosses Go Wild. He has spent his career improving operational workflows and understanding how leaders can overcome tough obstacles individually, for their teams, or for their entire organization by building team unity and establishing a happy work environment. Eddie is a recognized expert at developing and implementing highly effective training programs, including his former employer’s University program, which was ranked in the top 50 worldwide for three consecutive years by Training magazine. Additionally, Eddie helped his employer earn two consecutive Best Places To Work awards by improving culture and engagement in all levels of the organization.

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What our proud students and employers have to say

4.7 out of 5 stars

The content was exactly what we were looking for in a leadership training course. Overall the class touches on very important leadership topics.

Martha Perez


The class opened my eyes to a lot of things that I was doing wrong, not doing at all and areas in which I had to step up to become a better leader for others.

Jade Eastwood

Riverside Community Hospital

I highly recommend Leadership Build's leadership development program for any company interested in building leaders in the workplace (at any level).

Matthew Grundy

Habitat for Humanity

Our company enrolled a few of us to the leadership class and it was the best thing we did. I already see my staff stepping up apply what was learned

Judith G

Pave A Way Inc.

I was skeptical on doing a leadership class online but the [trainer] made it very engaging and impactful.

Debra Perez

Lavish Life LLC

The leadership online class is just what I was looking for - a real person I can speak to and ask questions during a class instead of pre-recorded lessons!

Sergio Felix

Teknor Apex

What's Included With Your Registration

Access to Attend our 5-Week Leadership Development Training Class with a live instructor taught by an professional trainer
Access to your class hub so you can download additional resources, materials and join the discussion board with other students
Exclusive Access to all Class Recordings for 60 days after the last day of class
Certificate upon completion after completing and passing our final exam
Access to contact your instructor outside-of-class and ask questions or get help when needed
[FREE BONUS]Instant Access to Our Leadership Development Training Booklet (PDF Only)

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Leadership Development

5-Week Training Class

Only $349.99

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About Leadership Build

Leadership Build was established in 2013 in sunny, Southern California. Our goal is to provide resources, training and coaching to employees across all industries in order to develop strong leaders. We strive to help people in organizations by providing professional development and the proper support for long-term success. 

Our services include online courses, online workshops via webinars, in-person company trainings and consulting. To contact us about your training needs, please email us at info@leadershipbuild.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this leadership class taught by a real trainer?

Yes. Our Leadership Development Training Class is a 5-week long online class and taught by a real instructor. 

Does the leadership training use pre-recordings or are the sessions live?

The online leadership class is live and does not use pre-recordings. Students meet with a trainer twice per week for an hour each session via Zoom.

How will I know where to log in to join my class?

After registering for our online training class, you will receive a Zoom link to use and join the live, online class with your leadership development trainer.

Do I need to purchase or install Zoom in my computer to participate?

No, you technically do not need to purchase or have Zoom on your computer to take our leadership training. All you will need is the link that we provide.

Are the online leadership sessions recorded?

Yes. The online leadership training sessions are recorded so that attendees can have access to the recordings afterwards. This is also helpful in case any of our students miss a session or two.

What happens if I miss one of the sessions? Will I get access to the Zoom recording?

Yes. The online leadership classes are recorded so that attendees can have access to the recordings in case they can't attend one of the class sessions.

Will the training topics be relevant to my line of work?

The leadership topics we cover are universal so they can be applied to anyone in any industry.

Does this virtual leadership class include a Certificate?

Yes. Attendees will earn their leadership certificate upon completing a final exam after the last day of class.

Do I need a camera and/or a microphone for the class?

Although a camera and a microphone are not required to take our leadership development class, a camera and a microphone are highly recommended to enhance the class experience.

I am a Mac user and want to take your leadership class. Can I still take the class?

Yes, as long as you have a browser and internet you should be able to take our leadership class.

What happens after I register for your online leadership training class? What can I expect?

Once you register for one of our online leadership classes, you will have access to our Welcome video which will provide you with instructions on how to log in to our system to access your class page. Additionally, you will receive a welcome email and your username and password to our system. Finally, you should expect an email with your receipt and a calendar invitation to add the dates to your personal calendar.

How will I know where to access the online class? 

Registrants will receive emails with links to access the live sessions. Additionally, reminders will be emailed prior to the live sessions.

Unfortunately, the dates of your online class do not work for me. When will there be another leadership training class?

Visit our page frequently for more updates or email us at info@leadershipbuild.com for more information on future online leadership classes.

What is your refund policy?

Registrants may be able to cancel up to 24 hours prior to the first day of class in order to be eligible for a full refund. To request a refund please contact us at support@leadershipbuild.com. Any cancellations that do not meet this requirement will not be eligible for a refund.

How can I register multiple people for your online leadership class?

To purchase registration for multiple people to our online leadership classes please email us at support@leadershipbuild.com or chat with us live to provide us with your needs.

Do you offer leadership workshops or classes for companies/employees or groups?

Yes, Leadership Build conducts 2-hour, 4-hour and 6-hour training with companies on various computer skills and soft skills. We can do the training in person or online. To learn more, feel free to complete our Questionnaire.

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