Introduction to Excel Online Class with Live Instructor

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Learn the Excel basics with our Online Excel Class for Beginners. The online beginners class is taught by a real instructor once a week for 5 weeks. The online Excel class is hosted via webinar-style and includes spreadsheets to help you follow along, homework assignments to help you apply what you learn and a certificate of completion upon successfully passing the online basics class.



Learn from one of our professional instructors by registering to one of our classes.

October 19 - November 16, 2021

Class Times: 2:30pm - 3:30pm EST

Class Days: Every Tuesday

Class Type: Online with Live Instructor

Last Day to Register: Monday, October 18



Regular price: $129.99


What We'll Cover in this 5-Week Online Excel Class

Stop relying on awful YouTube videos and register for our online Excel Class & learn the Excel basics the right way

Pre-Work: Navigating Excel & Learning Excel Terminology

Before the 1st day of your Microsoft Excel Intro Class, you'll embark on a short pre-work exercise to help you get acquainted with Microsoft Excel.

Day 1: Formatting & Editing Spreadsheets

On the first day of your Online Excel for Beginners Class, you'll work on basic Excel functions, such as cutting, copying and pasting cells. The class will end with formatting and editing tables.

Day 2: Editing, Sorting & Using Filters In Tables

On Day 2 of your Excel Introduction Class, you'll continue to customize your spreadsheet and tables and will learn how to properly sort data, use filters and manipulate your data with basic functions.

Day 3: More Basic Excel Functions

On this day of your Excel basic training, you'll learn how to make your tables look professional and consistent, how to delete duplicate entries and some best practices when editing cells.

Day 4: Introduction to Basic Excel Formulas

During this Intro to Excel class, you'll learn how formulas as structured, how to write simple SUM formulas and how and when to use the AUTOSUM function of Excel.

Day 5: More Excel Formulas Beginners Should Know

On the final day of your online Excel for Beginners Class, you'll learn more formulas beyond the SUM formula, mastering more than 8 formulas that will help you on your Excel journey.


Certificate Upon Completion

Earn your Certificate after completing the Excel for Beginners Online Class and passing a final exam. Download the certificate in PDF for your records, use it for your current work or demonstrate your Excel skills to a potential employer.


Certified Excel Experts

Allen Aguilar

Found of Microsoft Excel

Allen Aguilar is the founder of Leadership Build and still leads various courses and classes within the organization. He has been teaching Microsoft Excel programs since 2010 and has extensive experience with live trainings, coaching and web classes. He earned in MS Office Specialist Certification in 2013. Allen has dedicated much of his time at Leadership Build creating a curriculum that will help professionals learn Excel quickly while applying those skills at work.

Joseph Ferrantelli

Experienced & Certified Excel Professor

Joseph Ferrantelli has a Doctorate and Masters in Educational Leadership. He began teaching in 1982. He began working at Wagner College as an adjunct professor in 1984 and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Hunter College in 2014, where he teaches education courses. At Wagner, he teaches in two departments; The Nicolais School of Business, where he wrote the graduate and undergraduate Excel course curriculums and taught Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, and PowerPoint for the Math and Computer Science Department. 

Tasia Hilton-Betton

Experienced & Certified Excel Professor

Dr. Tasia Hilton-Betton holds a doctoral degree in Healthcare Administration and a Masters degree in Business Administration.  She is also a certified Medical Laboratory Scientist. She has been a college Professor since 2008 and has taught courses in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint along with courses in General Business, Healthcare, Math, and Science.


Contact Your Instructor When You Feel Stuck

As you attend your Excel for Beginners online class and practice your Excel skills on your own, you'll have the piece of mind that help is always near. Whenever you feel stuck you can post questions to get help from your instructor, email your instructor, chat with us live or schedule to meet with your instructor.


FREE E-Book: Microsoft Excel Course - Beginner Module

To help you with your journey, our Excel for Beginners Online Class includes a FREE Excel guide to help you on your journey. The Excel E-book is a great resource to use as  you attend class and after earning your certificate. The guide includes:

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What some of our proud students say about us

4.8 out of 5 stars

Sergio Felix, Warehouse Manager

"The online class is just what I was looking for - a real person I can speak to and ask questions during a class instead of pre-recorded lessons!"

Carlos Perez, Business Owner

"Just what I needed - an online class that was flexible enough for my busy schedule and effective enough so that I can finally learn Excel. "

Matthew Grundy, CEO Habitat for Humanity

"I recommend Leadership Build's Excel classes for any employer looking to train their staff on Excel."

Debra Sosa, Entreprenuer

"The practice spreadsheets are worth the price of the class. I enjoyed working through the exercises on my own and applying what I learned."

Petar Bašić, E-Commerce

"You can tell that the Excel instructor has tons of experience teaching pivot tables. The class flows great and I like how patient he was during our sessions."

Jade Eastwood, Social Media Manager

"I can finally say that I know what I'm doing in Excel. Investing in this online class is better than relying on YouTube."


About Leadership Build

Leadership Build was established in 2013 in sunny, Southern California. Our goal is to provide resources, training and coaching to employees across all industries in order to develop strong leaders. We strive to help people in organizations by providing professional development and the proper support for long-term success. 

Our services include online courses, online workshops via webinars, in-person company trainings and consulting. To contact us about your training needs, please email us at [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Beginner Excel class taught by a real instructor?

Yes. Our Beginner Excel class is 5-weeks and taught by a real instructor. 

Does the class use pre-recordings or are the sessions live?

The online Excel class for beginners is live and does not use pre-recordings unless it's part of a homework assignment.

Are the online Excel sessions recorded?

Yes. The online Excel sessions are recorded so that attendees can have access to the recordings afterwards.

What happens if I miss one of the sessions? Will I get access to the recording?

Yes. The online Excel sessions are recorded so that attendees can have access to the recordings in case they can't attend one of the class sessions.

Does this online Excel class for beginners include a Certificate?

Yes. Attendees will earn their Excel for Beginners certificate upon completing a final exam after the last day of class.

What version of Excel do I need to attend this class?

Most of our instructors use Excel 2016 or above. We recommend that attendees use Excel 2016, Excel 2019 or Office 365.

I Use Microsoft Excel 2010. Should I still register for this online class?

Yes. Although our instructors will use newer versions of Excel to facilitate the online workshop, attendees can use older versions of Excel. However, there may be some differences between what is taught in the class and what users of previous Excel versions may experience.

What happens after I register for your online Excel class? What can I expect?

Once you register for one of our online Excel beginner classes, you will have access to our Welcome video which will provide you with instructions on how to log in to our system to access your beginning Excel class information. Additionally, you will receive a welcome email and your username and password to our system. Finally, you should expect an email with your receipt. As the first day of your Microsoft Excel class is near, you will receive communication via email on how to access the classes from your instructor.

How will I know where to access the online class? 

Registrants will receive emails with links to access the live sessions. Additionally, reminders will be emailed prior to the live sessions.

Unfortunately, the dates of your online class do not work for me. When will there be another Excel for beginners online class?

Visit the Events page on our website or email us at [email protected] for more information on future online Excel classes.

What is your refund policy?

Registrants may be able to cancel up to 24 hours prior to the first day of class in order to be eligible for a full refund. To request a refund please contact us at [email protected] Any cancellations that do not meet this requirement will not be eligible for a refund.

How can I register multiple people for your online Excel class?

To purchase multiple seats for our online Excel classes please email us at [email protected] or chat with us live to provide us with your needs.

Do you offer Excel workshops or classes for companies/employees or groups?

Yes, Leadership Build conducts 2-hour, 4-hour and 6-hour workshops with companies on various computer skills and soft skills. To learn more, feel free to complete our Questionnaire.

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Advanced Excel Accelerated Course

4.8 Stars of 68 Reviews

The Advanced Excel Accelerated Course is specifically designed to help any excel user who uses the Excel program consistently and wants to learn some of the advanced features Excel has to offer. This online Excel training course bridges the gap between intermediate skills and advanced concepts by covering the essential Excel functions any advanced Excel user really needs to know. The course is divided into 7 individual lessons and includes more than 25 practice exercises, allowing users to earn their Excel certificate quickly.  

Course Details

Number of Lessons: 7

Instruction Type: Video tutorials

Instructor-Led Exercises: 26

Practice Exercises: 26

Access to Instructor: Yes

Certificate Included: Yes

Total Instructional Time: 1 hour & 28 minutes

Length of Subscription: Lifetime

Listed Price of Course: $45.99

Course Syllabus


Instruction Length: 1m 25s

The Advanced Excel Accelerated Course begins with two warm-up exercises to help you assess your skills in a few intermediate-level Excel concepts. The warm-up exercises are designed to help you smoothly transition from an intermediate Excel user to an advanced Excel user.



Instruction Length: 10m 17s

Lesson 1 helps you quickly learn Excel skills that intermediate users should know and helps our newer Excel students get well acquainted with the structure of our course.  During this lesson you'll learn different techniques to link sheets together, work with hyperlinks and learn a few formulas that will help you become more efficient when working with dates in Excel.



Instruction Length: 19m 19s

In Lesson 2 of our Advanced Excel Accelerated Course, you'll begin to learn how to automate your formulas by using the infamous IF formula. Through numerous exercises, you'll learn how to apply the IF formula to automate a process, how to use multiple IF formulas when you encounter different conditions and how to combine IF formulas with other logical formulas to facilitate the automation process.



Instruction Length: 17m 50s

In Lesson 3, users will spend a significant portion of their time learning three different types of lookup formulas by learning about how they are structured, how they are used, and when to use each type of formula depending on your spreadsheet and your desired outcome.



Instruction Length: 9m 26s

In Lesson 4 of our Advanced Excel Accelerated Course, you'll learn how to build pivot tables in a few easy steps.



Instruction Length: 11m 42s

Lesson 5 is a continuation of Lesson 4. Now that you have some basic understanding of Pivot Tables, it's time to learn how to to customize them, manipulate them and organize them depending on the data you want to produce.



Instruction Length: 9m 46s

Learn how to create pie graphs, bar charts, line graphs and more by using Pivot Charts in Excel.



Instruction Length: 5m 29s

Become a pro with Pivot tables by learning how to do additional tasks, such as inserting Slicers into your pivot tables and creating a custom field with a calculation.

Customer Reviews

Our happy customers continue to rate us with 5 stars

Advanced Excel Accelerated Course Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.9 based on 68 reviews.
5 1

Best course to learn pivot tables

Advanced Excel Accelerated Course
I purchased the course to learn pivot tables and this course did more than that. I never knew how to work with pivot charts and lookups so my mind is definitely blown away with everything that I learned in such a short period of time.
- Mara Kent

Great course for those looking to learn VLOOKUPS and Pivot Tables

Advanced Excel Accelerated Course
The Advanced Excel course cuts straight through what I needed which is some advanced formulas like VLOOKUPS and it has a few lessons specific to Pivot Tables. The course fit my needs perfectly!
- DJ Patel

Best course for employees to learn quickly

Advanced Excel Accelerated Course
I needed my staff to learn about vlookups and pivot tables quickly and this course helped my staff get up-to-speed in just a week. They are now on fire! I highly recommend this course to any company that needs their staff to learn these advanced concepts.
- Walker Byrd

The most practical course I've taken

Advanced Excel Accelerated Course
I was originally looking for a live workshop online and decided to give this advanced class a shot and was very pleased with my purchase. The examples the videos give are aligned to workplace examples and I liked that. Also, the files proivded by the course is worth buying the course because I haven't yet seen a company provide so many great resources. Highly recommend this course!
- Wylie Franks

Great for employees

Advanced Excel Accelerated Course
Our company was looking for Excel training for advanced users but really needed staff to learn formulas and Pivot stuff as quickly as possible. The accelerating course helped our staff learn advanced skills in a matter of days and help us prepare better spreadsheet to keep track of staff information. Highly recommend!
- Gene Simmons

great course for avid excel users

Advanced Excel Accelerated Course
Good course for people like me that needed to learn advanced excel fast
- Morgan Gilliam

Easy to follow and practice

Advanced Excel Accelerated Course
The video tutorials in advanced course were easy to follow along. The practice files were great to really showcase what I learned. I also like the fact that we can email or contact the instructor and he responds quickly to our questions and problems.
- Star Johansson

good class

Advanced Excel Accelerated Course
I enjoyed the excel class. thank you
- Brooke Mcgowan

5 stars to advanced excel class

Advanced Excel Accelerated Course
the advanced excel course is just what I needed - highly recommend
- Alan Brown

great excel lessons

Advanced Excel Accelerated Course
The 7 lessons go by quickly but they are filled with step by sptep tutorials that i needed for my job
- Vielka Roberson

Excel for Beginners Accelerated Course

4.9 Stars of 102 Reviews

The Excel for Beginners Accelerated Course is designed to help any beginning excel user learn the foundational concepts of Microsoft Excel quickly and easily. This Excel training course for beginners covers the basics new users need to learn how to use the software without the need of learning Excel functions that may go unused. The course is divided into 7 separate lessons and includes more than 20 practice exercises and a way to earn the Excel for beginners certificate quickly.  

Course Details

Number of Lessons: 7

Instruction Type: Video tutorials

Instructor-Led Exercises: 25

Practice Exercises: 32

Access to Instructor: Yes

Certificate Included: Yes

Total Instructional Time: 1 hour & 50 minutes

Length of Subscription: Lifetime

Listed Price of Course: $45.99

Course Syllabus


Instruction Length: 17m 4 s

Build your foundational skill by learning how to navigate a workbook, a ribbon and work with a basic spreadsheet. During this lesson you'll learn where to find things in Excel, how to properly name sections in Excel, how to navigate a ribbon, a workbook and a spreadsheet. You'll end the lesson working with some data and doing simple tasks to get you acclimated with tables.



Instruction Length: 21m 51 s

Learn how to use the Home tab commands to change the formatting of the content in your tables. During this lesson you'll be able to cut, copy and paste content, cells, rows and columns and learn how to use the Format Painter. Additionally, you'll learn how to change the background colors of cells, font colors and work with the Alignment group and working with Number formats.



Instruction Length: 22m 35 s

Learn basic Excel concepts such as inserting, deleting and moving rows and columns and how to sort and filter your table. During this lesson you'll use more common techniques to manipulate and organize your data.



Instruction Length: 11m 47 s

In Lesson 4 of our Excel for Beginners Accelerated Course learn additional Excel functions such as grouping, removing duplicate entries and inserting Headers and Footers to sheets.



Instruction Length: 11m 41 s

Learn how to build a formula and how to read basic Excel functions by learning the foundational concepts of formula calculations and the structure of the syntax. In this lesson you will also learn shortcuts to use basic formulas.



Instruction Length: 9m 14 s

Learn and practice using AutoSUM and the SUM formula in your tables. These two basic formula functions will become the stepping stone to learn more advanced formulas.



Instruction Length: 12m 19 s

In this lesson, learn additional formulas to use with your tables and make automatic computations such as the AVERAGE formula the COUNT formula and the MAX and MIN formulas.

Customer Reviews

Our happy customers continue to rate us with 5 stars

Excel for Beginners Accelerated Course Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.9 based on 102 reviews.
5 1

Perfect course for employees

Excel for Beginners Accelerated Course
I learned about Leadership Build through an employee of mine who learned Excel quickly to do specific tasks for our dental practice. I decided to purchase the course to provide professional development for our small staff and the course was exactly what we needed. Pros: very well designed, instructor is great and responsive, you can access the tutorials at any time, lifetime access to the course... Cons: wish there was more content (but understand that it's an accelerated version of Excel).
- Maribel F. Escamilla

Great course for employees

Excel for Beginners Accelerated Course
I purchased a few licenses so that multiple employees can take the excel course and it's the best course out there since I researched quite a few courses. The accelerated course isn't as extensive as the other ones I saw online (I purchased a licenses for myself just to take a look at the content) but my employees learned the basics SUPER FAST and were able to work on the common spreadsheets we use in our industry. Highly recommend this course.
- Haley Sampson

Perfect course to learn Excel quickly

Excel for Beginners Accelerated Course
The Excel Accelerating course is great for beginners like me. I am not a computer person and we use Excel at work all the time but I never got around to learning excel. My supervisor purchased the course for me about a month ago and she was really impressed with my excel spreadsheets after completing the class. Thank you for the great course!
- Catalina Rose

I finally learned Excel!

Excel for Beginners Accelerated Course
Like many others, I was hesitant in purchasing a course on excel when I can easily just learn and look at tutorials on youtube but I've literally been watching youtube videos to learn excel for the last 3 years and nothing. My job asked me to take an excel class and I found Leadership Build online. The course is short and sweet and very detailed. I had a chance to practice what the instructor taught with the spreadsheets the instructor provided and was able to get my certificate super quick. Highly recommend to anyone serious about learning excel
- Teddy Williams

good training

Excel for Beginners Accelerated Course
The videos seem a little fast at times so I had to go back and replay the video. The teacher is good and the spreadsheets to practice are good.
- Perez P

A proper review for a good course

Excel for Beginners Accelerated Course
I wanted to give a good review to this course for those who are interested in learning the basics of excel. This course is inexpensive and although other courses say they have more lessons and more hours, the Leadership build excel course is great. The course starts off with just navigating excel and where to find things and then moves on to using spreadsheets and tables. In a short period of time I learned how to do basic formulas!!! That was my favorite lesson! I've taken other courses with Leadership Build and they do make great courses. Highly recommend.
- Judy

it's a good course - very beginner friendly

Excel for Beginners Accelerated Course
A good course for beginners to Excel
- A

Great content for the price

Excel for Beginners Accelerated Course
Overall the course is great. If you're looking to learn EVERYTHING about excel then this course is not for you since this course sticks to the excel basics
- Carla R.

got my certificate

Excel for Beginners Accelerated Course
my company made me do it but i got my certificate in 4 days
- Zak

Just what I needed

Excel for Beginners Accelerated Course
The course is shorter than other courses that I was looking for but this one is very organized and the practice exercises help me learn the content quickly and apply what I learned
- Jennifer

Intermediate Excel Accelerated Course

4.9 Stars of 81 Reviews

The Intermediate Excel Accelerated Course is specifically designed to help any frequent excel user quickly move beyond the basics. This Excel training course for intermediate-skilled users bridges the gap between beginner and intermediate concepts, and covers the only the essential Excel functions that intermediate Excel users really need to know. The course is divided into 7 separate lessons and includes more than 25 practice exercises and a way to earn your certificate quickly.  

Course Details

Number of Lessons: 7

Instruction Type: Video tutorials

Instructor-Led Exercises: 21

Practice Exercises: 26

Access to Instructor: Yes

Certificate Included: Yes

Total Instructional Time: 1 hour & 45 minutes

Length of Subscription: Lifetime

Listed Price of Course: $45.99

Course Syllabus


Instruction Length: 1m 31 s

The Intermediate Excel Accelerated Course begins with two warm-up exercises that will help you test your skills in basic Excel concepts. The warm-up exercises are designed to help you bridge the gap between beginner-level skills and intermediate skills.



Instruction Length: 8m 18 s

Lesson 1 helps you quickly get up to speed with some preliminary concepts you may have never learned to use as a beginner. During this lesson you’ll learn a few shortcuts to quickly apply formulas to tables and how to properly implement the use of the Autofill Handle and anchors.



Instruction Length: 8m 48 s

Improve your efficiency when using tables by creating specific rules to highlight or make parts of your data stand out. In Lesson 2 of the Intermediate Excel Accelerated Course you will learn how to make your tables look a lot more professional and even automate the process of highlighting cells. Lear how to use create various rules and effectively use Conditional Formatting.



Instruction Length: 10m 12 s

In Lesson 3, learn how to control data entry errors in your spreadsheets, which is a very helpful technique if you have multiple people working on data sets. Use Data Validation to reject data imputed into specific cells.



Instruction Length: 9m 52 s

In Lesson 4 of our Intermediate Excel Accelerated Course learn a special technique that will allow you to split the content of cells into one or more columns.



Instruction Length: 19m 59 s

Improve your use of formulas by learning how to manipulate, extract and combine your data. In Lesson 5, learn how to use specific Text formulas to accomplish a desired outcome.



Instruction Length: 10m 24 s

Learn and practice the use of Table formatting which will help you become more efficient when working with large data sets.



Instruction Length: 20m 29 s

Become more efficient by learning the structure, use and importance of Logical formulas. In the final lesson of our Intermediate Excel Accelerated Course you will be introduced to more complex formulas that will help you quickly analyze your data and prepare you for more advanced techniques.

Customer Reviews

Our happy customers continue to rate us with 5 stars

Intermediate Excel Accelerated Course Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.9 based on 81 reviews.
5 1

Best course for office employees

Intermediate Excel Accelerated Course
This course was recommended to me by my peer who took the Beginners course. I decided to buy the beginner and intermediate course and was very impressed by the videos, the practice sample exercises and how well the pacing is. I did have to look back at some videos but that's the beaty of online courses, you can always go back. I highly recommend the course
- Alex Cienfuegos

Ready for the advanced course

Intermediate Excel Accelerated Course
This course is not lengthy but covers so much in detail that I felt so blessed to have learned so much. This is exactly what I was looking for. I feel confident and prepared to take the advanced course
- Gemma Baxter

This is the only course our employees use

Intermediate Excel Accelerated Course
I came across Leadership Build courses by my counterpart in another state who used the course with his staff. We use the beginners course for new employees who need to get up to speed in Excel quickly. This course does the job. It's great that we can offer PD to employees at a good price and have them work on skills they'll need in the office anyways
- Kirestin Lopez

Great course to buy

Intermediate Excel Accelerated Course
This is a good course to learn more advanced excel stuff than just the basics.
- Edward Castro

The practice exercises and booklet are worth the cost

Intermediate Excel Accelerated Course
The practice exercises is something I really haven't seen in other online courses I have taken but they are SOOOO good because they allow me to practice the topics the instructor covers in the videos. The booklet came with the course and it's phenomenal - we use it at work all the time!
- Victoria Bishop

This course is better than it sounds

Intermediate Excel Accelerated Course
I honestly thought I was purchasing a condense version of an intermediate excel class but I was wrong! The course itself is organized in a great way and has tons of practice work that we can do. Not only do you get to watch videos and practice on your own but you also have access to the instructor. I actually emailed Allen (the instructor in the videos) to help me with a spreadsheet we keep screwing up at work. Overall,I 100% recommend this course
- Lael Bond

A+ Rating

Intermediate Excel Accelerated Course
Great course for the price
- Elliott Ballard

Loved the courses

Intermediate Excel Accelerated Course
I give the beginners excel course and the advanced excel course a 5 star rating - two thumbs up!
- Yuri Battle

Was hoping for more

Intermediate Excel Accelerated Course
The course itself is great - learned a lot. I was hoping the course would cover vlookups and pivot tables but I was told that those topics are covered in the advanced class.
- Brandon Avery

Just the course I was looking for. Thanks Leadership Build

Intermediate Excel Accelerated Course
I was recently hired for a job that required Excel skills beyond the basics so I purchased this course to learn more things on Excel. I completed the course in a few days and got my certificate. This course saved my career lol
- Courtney Pace